What’s the Right Dosage for Adrafinil?

What’s the Right Dosage for Adrafinil?

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Adrafinil is a nootropic compound processed as modafinil in the liver. It is mainly a cerebral stimulant. The drug is meant to promote alertness, increase energy levels, and increase attention. While it is a stimulant, it does not come with the adverse effects often associated with other stimulants. Getting this drug does not require a doctor’s prescription.

Advantages of Taking Adrafinil 600 Mg

Adrafinil is intended to awaken users, helping them maintain vigilance. Also, there are studies that suggest the ability of the drug to stimulate and enhance memory. Those who take high doses like 600 mg can have increased levels of dopamine, histamines, and norepinephrine, offering them an energy boost and a sharp focus. But, they may not fall asleep easily at this dose until the effects have subsided. That is why consumers should not use the drug late in the day. High doses of Adrafinil are used for treating narcolepsy. While this dosage is safe to take, people should not take the drug continuously because of its interaction with liver enzymes. Go here to know more about the benefits of the drug.

300 Mg Adrafinil Dose

The 300 mg Adrafinil capsule is the standard dose for the drug. Adrafinil continues to gain popularity for its ability to enhance cognitive function and promote stronger cognition. At 300 mg, the drug can increase alertness. As a stimulant, the drug combats the urge to sleep and offers maintained energy. It indirectly works through its metabolite modafinil.

150 MG Dose

Adrafinil is said to increase behavioral understanding and alertness. Also, some studies show its ability to increase study speed and minimize performance errors. These benefits are usually achieved even if users take just 150 mg dose.

While the 300 mg per day dose is the recommended dose for Adrafinil, a number of users have found that a dose below this can be enough to meet their requirements. Other people prefer to take 1200 milligrams. But, the recommended dose should be between 300 mg and 900 mg taken three times every week. Whatever dosage a user chooses, it is important to keep in mind that the drug is metabolized in the liver which means the drug may affect the organ when used frequently. Also, there might be a possibility that users can develop tolerance to the drug. Once this happens, users will have to increase the dosage to achieve their desired effects. Also, users should take a break from the drug by not ingesting it more than five months.

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