Hormone Pellet Therapy Brings Effective Changes in the Lives of Men and Women

Hormone Pellet Therapy Brings Effective Changes in the Lives of Men and Women

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A large number of people deal with hormone issues which can be treated with the help of hormone replacement therapy.  Many of those who are eligible to undergo this therapy have no idea they have an underlying medical issue.

The symptoms related to hormonal imbalance are misread as normal aging signs.  The rest who are aware about such therapies are apprehensive about it since they are worried about the risks. There is a significant change in the level of hormones particularly for women while they go through menopause.

With Bioidentical Hormone Pellet therapy, plant sources are used for deriving hormones. The resulting hormone supplements your body with hormones that have gone done in value. Each of these hormones is customized according to the diagnostic results of each patient. These hormones are easily absorbed by the body.

Any change in progesterone and oestrogen in women causes many changes to their body. When the level of oestrogen drops, a woman starts feeling more tired than usual, has low libido, mood swings, insomnia and hot flashes. This therapy helps to balance their hormone level.

How is the medicine administered?

This works perfect for those who aren’t comfortable taking pills daily or injection. They don’t feel discomfort experienced with other methods. A time-release pellet with the appropriate hormone and dosage is implanted into the body of the patient through a small incision. The therapy beings to work 7 to 10 days after the pellet is inserted. Both men and women can benefit from this therapy.

The primary benefits are:

  • Regained energy
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Revived sex drive
  • Reduced muscle pain
  • Better mood
  • Better quality of life

Some of the conditions that can be improved in men are andropause, anxiety, depression, heart disease and osteoporosis. In addition to treating menopause-related symptoms in women, balancing hormones can prevent heart diseases, osteoporosis, cognitive decline, bone shrinkage, moodiness and PMS related issues.

There is evidence that this therapy reduces the risk of diabetes, cancer and tooth loss. Studies show that cancer patients who underwent this hormone replacement therapy experienced relief from cancer treatment-related side effects like migraine, low libido, insomnia and incontinence.

To know if you need this therapy talk to your doctor about your symptoms. Physical examination and blood tests would be conducted and your hormone levels would be checked. Based on your results, your doctor would suggest which one is best for you.

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