Do You Know What Happens Before And After Spa Treatment?

Do You Know What Happens Before And After Spa Treatment?

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Many people often wonder what they should expect before taking any spa treatment as well as after that. Most of you may not have ever experienced it. Therefore, in this small write-up we shall try to tell you what you can expect to happen after you obtain spa treatment.

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Before your spa treatment 

  • When you are visiting any spa treatment center then you must try to reach at least 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled time so that you may not lose any time that has been allocated to you and also it will help you to rewind yourself before the treatment.
  • If you need to visit toilet and relieve yourself then you can utilize this time so that you are completely relaxed and free.
  • If you prefer hydrotherapy then before taking massages you can spend some time to use the sauna facilities if the spa center has got this facility. This can help you to relax and also open the pores of your body.
  • You may also be offered a glass of water or any herbal tea before going for spa treatment.

You will be asked to fill up a form where you must mention about your various allergies, and other medical issues or any injuries so that spa therapist know about them beforehand. You may also mention about your lifestyle and what kind of massage pressure that you prefer. You also need to mention your expectation.

During the treatment

  • When your turn comes then therapist will walk you into a massage room. She will then ask you to undress in the treatment room only and you can keep your dress in the locker. For your regular massage on the back you may remove your dress except your underwear. In case you are interested for full body treatment then the therapist will provide you paper pant instead of your underwear.
  • You will also be provided a locker to store your costly jewelry item or any other valuables. In case you have expressed any medical concern then therapist will take appropriate action.

  • When you are ready then you can climb on the massage table and lie under the towel so that you can keep yourself warm and comfortable.
  • Therapist will come and wash your feet with warm water and wipe it will towel.
  • Now you can relax. The therapist will use the spa product and provide you the necessary massage suggested.
  • After the treatment you can put on your dress and take rest in a room.

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