An Overview Of Paternity Tests: Discover Your DNA!

An Overview Of Paternity Tests: Discover Your DNA!

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We all know that DNA technology has come a long way in the last decade. DNA paternity testing, as the name suggests, relies on what’s called genetic fingerprinting, in an attempt to establish relationship between two people as parent and child. As you may guess, paternity test is done to know if a man is the biological father of the child/person, while a maternity test is done to establish if a woman is the mother of thezchild/person. Today, people have the choice of home paternity test, and DNA tests can be relied on for 100% certainty. Here are more aspects that you must know about.

Is a home paternity test different from a legal test?

The process of collecting sample is different for home paternity test and legal DNA tests. Nevertheless, the process of testing and overall outcome remains the same. When a DNA paternity test is required for legal reasons, the task is assigned to a third-party service or lab that collects the blood sample and carries out the test. The concerned service will send someone, who will come in person and take the sample as required, to establish the subject for the case. The sample will be then sent to a lab where it will be tested. For legal reasons, the protocols for DNA paternity test need to be strict, which is not the case with a standard home paternity test. In this case, you will get a kit, which will have instructions that must be followed for taking the sample. You will have to submit the sample to the lab for getting the result.

To be fair, people take DNA paternity test at home just for curiosity, and if that’s your purpose, you can always go for home tests, but keep in mind that it doesn’t have any legal standing.

Selecting a home DNA paternity test

Find a lab that offers DNA paternity test, and the concerned lab must have required accreditation and should pass ISO 17025 testing standards. The lab should also provide a DNA profile for each person’s sample, and if you want to, it is possible to place a request a “statistical probability of percentage”. It is possible to gather DNA of a person, if they don’t agree to the same, without relying on blood sample along. Hair, semen, saliva are the options.

If you are interested in a DNA paternity test at home, find a good lab now!

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