5 Common Causes of Small Breasts and Solutions Thereof

5 Common Causes of Small Breasts and Solutions Thereof

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It was earlier believed that the reason for small breasts was either genetic or indefinite. However, it has been observed that nature always create things proportionally.

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For example, if you look at hands and feet of people, you may observe some variations in sizes and shapes, but you’ll also notice that they are proportional to the body.

Breasts do come under a different category because they develop a few years after birth during puberty. Most of the times, they grow till their size respects the limits of proportionality with the body.

Unfortunately, in some girls, this growth is affected by external factors and breasts stop growing before they can meet their natural potential.

Small size of breasts can be rectified with fat transfer to breasts Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or from other reputable cosmetic clinic out there.

However, it’s important to remember that it’s possible to start the growth process again from where it stopped years ago during puberty and this can be done by eliminating the cause of stoppage of growth.

Therefore it’s important to know the reason eliminating which is a natural way to regain the lost shape and size of your breasts. Here are five causes of small breasts.

1. Vitamin Deficiency

The stunted development of breasts due to deficiency of vitamins or minerals may not be necessarily connected to poor diet.

There can be other causes such as a heavy menstruation in puberty, sudden growth spurt and consumption of fast food.

At such times, the body distributes its resources to more serious issues taking place in the body, ignoring the breasts and so, their growth stops.

Starting to have balanced meals once again can restart the stunted growth. Balanced meals are also necessary for your overall health.

2. Hormonal Imbalance

Stunted breast growth because of a hormonal imbalance is similar to the one due to vitamin deficiency, except that it is usually paired with another symptom such as excessive hair growth or acne.

You may lack growth-related hormones and may have hormones in excess that inhibit the growth. In such a case, you can consult your doctor and take plant-based hormonal and nutritional supplements.

Your doctor may also suggest topical progesterone cream and herbal extracts which should be applied on the breasts to ensure the best results.

3. Emotional Blockage

When emotional blockage is the reason for the stunted breast growth, the particular cause may vary among persons.

Facing the difficulty to know what’s happening or developing a complex can cause an emotional blockage.

Alternative medicines like homeopathy works well to remove such blockages. There are also certain medications that remind breast cells of their growth and function.

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4. Energy Blockage

Chinese medicine identifies five kinds of movements which are complementary to each other. Their harmony is the basis of our health.

In women with small breasts, it’s possible that although all other movements are working properly, their breast tissue is not getting energy.

Chinese medicine has proven therapies to rectify the energy movements, produce the harmony and thereby bring about a balanced growth of all organs.

Thus women with small breasts can get themselves treated by increasing vitality and energy in the breast area.

However, you have to discuss with your doctor before treating yourself with any alternative medicines.

5. Problems with Ovaries or Thyroid Gland

Unfortunately in this case, home treatment is more complex and must be supervised by a medical professional who can regulate the problem.

However, the good news is that this type of situation is quite rare and most small breast issues fall within the earlier four categories.

You can find out breast augmentation and blepharoplasty Melbourne cost according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne and choose the most suitable treatment for yourself. But in any case you should remember that there is a treatment available and should not be disappointed.

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